AmeriSpeak is NORC at the University of Chicago’s Panel-Based Research Platform

A Breakthrough Solution for Statistical Surveys of the U.S. Population

AmeriSpeak® enables organizations to take advantage of the affordability and speed of panel-based surveys, while also obtaining the accuracy, response rates, and sample quality typical of more traditional survey methods.

Developed and funded by NORC at the University of Chicago, AmeriSpeak is the most scientifically rigorous panel solution available in the United States.  

Our Capabilities

Industry Leading Response Rate

Due to the rigor of its panel recruitment, AmeriSpeak surveys achieve the highest American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) response rate of any multi-client panel solution on the market.   

Sample Representativeness

AmeriSpeak is representative of the entire U.S. population because it leverages the NORC National Frame, an area probability sample used for landmark studies like the General Social Survey.


AmeriSpeak provides clients with an NORC Card report for each custom study, delivering a quantitative measurement of sample representativeness and documenting AAPOR response rates, sample sizes, survey field period, and other information. 

AmeriSpeak Launches Monthly Omnibus

AmeriSpeak Omnibus is a once-a-month, multi-client survey using a probability sample which delivers 1,000 interviews of nationally representative adults age 18 and older. Respondents are interviewed online and by phone and are drawn from the AmeriSpeak Panel.

It is a cost-effective way to access the best-in-class AmeriSpeak Panel and collect survey data in one week.

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