AmeriSpeak is NORC at the University of Chicago’s Panel-Based Research Platform

About AmeriSpeak

AmeriSpeak is the first U.S. multi-client household panel to combine the speed and cost-effectiveness of panel surveys with enhanced representativeness of the U.S. population, an industry-leading response rate, and transparency in research. Since its founding by NORC at the University of Chicago in 2015, AmeriSpeak has produced more than 900 surveys, been cited by dozens of media outlets and become the primary survey partner of the nation's preeminent news service, The Associated Press. Our sampling captures a true picture of America, providing better representation than other panels for hard-to-reach populations, including low-income households, less educated persons, young adults, rural households, persons who are less interested in the news, and social and political conservatives. AmeriSpeak is the most scientifically rigorous multi-client panel available in the U.S. market. 

Access a Premier Opinion-Sharing Community

Through AmeriSpeak, researchers can access a representative, probability-based sample of pre-recruited participants who have agreed to take part in regular online and telephone surveys on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Government policies and programs
  • Communications research
  • Health services and policy
  • Health outcomes and prevalence measurement
  • Economic, political, and social attitudes, opinions, and behaviors
  • Consumer products and services

By using a pre-screened, nationally representative pool of participants, AmeriSpeak provides researchers with the infrastructure for rapid and projectable data collections. Also, for many studies, the AmeriSpeak Panel is a preferred solution for longitudinal research and research targeting special populations.