AmeriSpeak is NORC at the University of Chicago’s Panel-Based Research Platform

AmeriSpeak Teen

AmeriSpeak Teen gives clients the opportunity to conduct nationally representative studies with teenagers aged 13 to 17. Teenagers can be a very difficult population to reach in reliable numbers. AmeriSpeak has done the heavy lifting, by recruiting a representative panel of teens and making it easy and rewarding for them to participate in surveys.

AmeriSpeak Teen members are recruited via parents in the AmeriSpeak Panel, meaning that our Teen Panel has the same probability-based design as our regular panel and is similarly representative of the U.S. population. We start by reaching out to parents and seeking their consent to contact the teenagers living in their home. Teens who agree to join the panel become regular members, providing us with basic profile information and taking surveys when invited.

We tailor the panelist experience for teenagers to keep them engaged, by using age-appropriate communication and rewards. We have even created an AmeriSpeak Teen Snapchat account. And to ensure the protection of every respondent, we continue to seek parental consent whenever a survey contains sensitive topics. 

We are currently capable of surveying up to 1,000 nationally-representative teenagers between 13 and 17 years old, and can expand a study even further to include young adults aged 18 or older from the AmeriSpeak Panel.

For more background on AmeriSpeak Teen, its consenting process, sample size and services, download our case study. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us