AmeriSpeak is NORC at the University of Chicago’s Panel-Based Research Platform

AmeriSpeak Custom Surveys

Custom Research Services

AmeriSpeak custom research services include statistical surveys of AmeriSpeak Panel households, including general population surveys, tracking surveys, studies targeting low-incidence groups, longitudinal surveys, and large sample size surveys and local area studies.

In addition to survey data, additional measures, such as bio-measures, can be collected as part of custom research projects.


Data files are delivered in clients’ preferred data file format.


Standard deliverables include:
  • Data files with profile data collected on household and person level characteristics

Table: AmeriSpeak Standard Profile Data


Metropolitan Statistical Area (urban/rural)

Age (in years)

Region (US Census - 4 and 9 categories)

Age (4 and 7 categories)

State of Residence

Educational obtainment (5 categories)

No. of Householders Total

Race & Hispanic Ethnicity

Current Employment Status

Housing Type (single family home, etc.)

Survey Start (date/time)

Ownership of Living Quarters (rent/own)

Survey End (date/time)

Household Income (4,9 and 18 categories)

Survey Duration (minutes)

Marital Status

Survey Mode of (online/phone)

Internet Access at Home

Device Type used for Online Survey Taking (desktop/tablet/smartphone)

Home Phone Service (landline and/or cell)

  • Statistical weights
  • NORC Card
  • Project methodology report
Optional deliverables include:  
  • Appended demographic profile variables
  • Statistical banner tables
  • Open-ended coding
  • Annotated questionnaires
  • Topline reports
  • PowerPoint reports
  • Advanced statistical analyses
  • Issue briefs and other public release deliverables from NORC’s Public Affairs and Media Research group